1. What is Agape Kashmir?
    Agape Kashmir is a ministry of God’s love and sharing God’s love to the unreached.
  2. Who is Pastor Neethiraj?
    Pastor Neethirajhas a dynamic personality and is a man of faith, filled with God’s grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He serves as the President of Agape Kashmir and Director of the Charity
  3. Which denomination does Agape Kashmir belong to?
    Agape Kashmir is a non-denominational ministry. We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, and in the Person of the Holy Spirit.
  4. How can I donate / contribute to Agape Kashmir?
    You can send your donations by mail to:
    For USA: Edward Cleveland
    3 Harkness Ct.
    Newark, DE 19711
    For India: Agape Kashmir Trust
    Post Box # 1350
    Srinagar – 190001
    Jammu & Kashmir
    You may also donate online through our secure website.
  5. What are the several outreaches of Agape Kashmir ministry?
    Agape Kashmir reaches people through different ways and activities. The ministry’s many outreach programs are described in detail here on our websiteand in the ministry’s monthly magazine.
  6. May I donate? How is My Donation Tracked?
    Your gift will be credited as a contribution to Agape Kashmir and will be duly acknowledged. You may designate your donation to a particular area of the ministry if you like or the general Agape Kashmir, which supports the poor and needy in society.
  7. I would like to partner with Agape Kashmir. How can I get involved?
    You may support us with your prayers, your attendance at blessing services, prayer festivals, mission trips, and other events, and through your financial contributions.
  8. I want to help Agape Kashmir as a volunteer, whom should I contact?
    To volunteer either full time or part time, please send your complete information to: Email: [email protected]
  9. How can I become an Intercessor in prayer?
    If you have a passion to pray for people and have sound biblical knowledge and would like to be considered for employment as either a part time or full time prayer intercessor, please send your resume to: ?
  10. May I work at Agape Kashmir?
    We are looking for dynamic people who are committed to serve the Lord in various areas of operations. The compensation will be based on your education and experience. If you are interested in having a career with Agape, please send your recent resume to:
  11. I would like to organize spiritual meetings for Pastor Neethiraj to speak. What should I do?
    If you would like to organize a meeting, please send your plans and proposal to the following….
    For meetings in India: [email protected]
  12. I want to know about Agape / What is Agape?
    Agape is non-profit organization founded by Pastor Neethiraj to uplift the less privileged people of society. It is committed to sharing the love of God with Kashmir’s people and those in other regionsand to serve the poor and needy. The word Agapeexpresses our love for one another andour love for God. Agape provides support for the destitute, widows, and less fortunate children.